Ric Aguilar (Bass)

Ric Aguilar was born into a musical family in Mexico City. His parents, aunts and uncles were performers and recording artists. He grew up in Southern California and was heavily influenced by Rock music. Ric’s first instrument was the guitar but at 19, he was forced to play the bass and it was love at first sight with the instrument. Ric has played with many bands and many genders. From Rock to Jazz, Latin, Gospel, blues, country etc. He has played in Hollywood, Mexico and Texas. In Texas he has performed in small and large venues with several bands: Vo-ij, Diesel, Mechtli Jazz, Son Caribe, The Rolando Becerra Show, RKN Blues Band, Lucas McClain, Sonia Express, The Wise, Cypress Rose, Tortuga, The John Swat Band, Cypress Rose and In Time. He has also played in many Praise and Worship bands in Houston.


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